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Photo by Redwood Photography

Photo by Redwood Photography

Photo by Redwood Photography

Short Bio

Described by FATEA as 'atmospheric heaven' and by Bright Young Folk as 'super talented'; Threaded will take you on a journey through a roller coaster of emotions and musical imagery, with copious amounts of reflection and participation, and you will be left 'feeling fresh, elated and eager for more.'(Folk Radio UK).

Long Bio

Threaded is the 'impressive talent' (Folk Radio UK), of Jamie Rutherford (guitar and vocals), Ning- ning Li (violin) and Rosie Bott (clarinet). They have released two albums to great acclaim: Fair Winds & Following Seas (2017) and their debut album 'of what we spoke' in 2015. Both albums have been produced by Joe Broughton (The Urban Folk Quartet) and their original music reflects on places they have been, experiences they have had, spontaneous inspirations, little stories and poetry collaborations. They want nothing more than for the audience to immerse themselves in the moment and take their own story from the music! They have toured the UK extensively and their music has been aired on a number of Radio shows, including BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio Wales.

Alongside their usual Threaded music making, they have recently been working with Theatre company; Red Earth Theatre, on their production 'Soonchild'. They have composed the score, and will be performing it when it tours nationally in 2019. Red Earth Theatre create shows which are accessible to the d/Deaf community, and research into how Threaded make the music accessible too is kindly supported by Arts Council England. 

'They are to be greatly applauded for the entirely self-penned compositions that they have come up with, and for the most impressive breadth of style they demonstrate.' (R2 Rock 'n' Reel)    

'With their own impressive talent to underpin their passion for musical exploration, [and] seemingly endless capacity to create music and song that appeals across multiple audiences' (Folk Radio UK)

Press Quotes

'The music quite simply dazzles'  FATEA  

'An absolute joy to listen to.' Folk Radio UK 

'Very talented trio'  Johnny Coppin: BBC Radio Gloucester 

'Creative, clever and captivating music of instant allure and appeal.'  The Living Tradition 

'Threaded make a glorious sound.'  Bright Young Folk 


Fair Winds & Following Seas  

****"This is a beautiful package inside and out, and one that suggests that Threaded will become significant figures on the folk scene." RnR  

"Enjoying Fair Winds and Following Seas is like an evening spent at the best of dances among the best of company – you leave feeling fresh, elated, and eager for more."  Folk Radio UK  

"Fair Winds and Following Seas leaves you longing for more. It’s rare to find an album that’s so effortlessly uplifting. An absolute joy to listen to." Folk Radio UK  

 "Overall, it's like sitting on a pebble beach, the waves breaking on the shore. You could be there forever, you wouldn't mind, you never want to leave that magical place. You don't have to. Just hit the loop button."  FATEA  

"Fair Winds & Following Seas is a journey worth taking." Bright Young Folk  

"An excellent and very distinctive sound."  Shire Folk  

"Exhibiting assured, mature prowess in both instrumental and vocal departments." fROOTS  


 Debut album "of what we spoke"  

**** R2 (Rock 'n' Reel)  

'Impressive and stimulating' FATEA  

'a thrilling musical ride, where inventive and melodically interesting tune- medleys alternate with thoughtful, quirky self-penned songs.' fROOTS  

'Richly sophisticated in the tapestry of its composition and ensemble interplay'  Shire Folk  

'Threaded genuinely don't sound like anyone else.'  Bright Young Folk  

'Fantastic'  Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio Shropshire