Review from Acoustic Magazine!

We have just received another review for our album, and this time it's from Acoustic Magazine! 

'As unusual lineups go, Threaded are off to a good start; guitar, clarinet and violin are not obvious bedfellows. Violinist Ning-ning Li is classical trained, and as a result when they strut something like the rollicking 'Captain Markham' , it comes over as more a piece of neo classical improvisation than a folky jig. Clearly inspiration is not a problem; Robert Browning's poem 'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin' morphs into 'A Secret Charm' , with the Potawatomi tribe of North America being the basis of 'Dreamfire', a song with suitable chanting. Where it's going is anyone's guess, but as we know, that often makes for the finest music.' JP

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