Debut album "of what we spoke" is available from the shop page now!

**** R2 (Rock 'n' Reel)

'Impressive and stimulating' FATEA

'Threaded genuinely don't sound like anyone else.' Bright Young Folk

'a thrilling musical ride, where inventive and melodically interesting tune- medleys alternate with thoughtful, quirky self-penned songs.' fROOTS

'Richly sophisticated in the tapestry of its composition and ensemble interplay'  Shire Folk

'Fantastic'  Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio Shropshire

Tour Dates! (Revised)  

Hello everyone! Tour is soon to start woohoo!! Unfortunately we have had a few gigs cancel, so if you were planning to come to Leeds or Cardiff, we're sorry to say they aren't going ahead. Beyond our control! Hope to see you somewhere else though so check out the revised gig list!! x

4 Stars from R2 (Rock 'n' Reel) Magazine!! 

We have just received a 4 star review from R2 (Rock 'n' Reel) Magazine!! Big thanks to all there and to Colin Bailey for his kind words!! 

Here is a snippet: 'They are to be greatly applauded for the entirely self -penned compositions that they have come up with, and for the most impressive breadth of styles they demonstrate.'

Review from Acoustic Magazine! 

We have just received another review for our album, and this time it's from Acoustic Magazine! 

'As unusual lineups go, Threaded are off to a good start; guitar, clarinet and violin are not obvious bedfellows. Violinist Ning-ning Li is classical trained, and as a result when they strut something like the rollicking 'Captain Markham' , it comes over as more a piece of neo classical improvisation than a folky jig. Clearly inspiration is not a problem; Robert Browning's poem 'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin' morphs into 'A Secret Charm' , with the Potawatomi tribe of North America being the basis of 'Dreamfire', a song with suitable chanting. Where it's going is anyone's guess, but as we know, that often makes for the finest music.' JP

fROOTS album review!! 

We have just got our copy of fROOTS mag through the post, and there is a nice piece about 'of what we spoke' with a thumbs up!! :)

'Sparky trio of classically- trained young musicians sporting an unusual instrumental complement (clarinet, violin, guitar), taking a thrilling musical ride where inventive and melodically interesting tune-medleys alternate with thoughtful, quirky self-penned songs with assured vocal work.'

A great review from Bright Young Folk 

We have received our second album review for 'of what we spoke' from Bright Young Folk! And we are chuffed to bits with it! Big thanks to Su O'Brien for the lovely words!
You can read it here: http://brightyoungfolk.com/records/of-what-we-spoke-threaded

R, J & N x

Our first album review from FATEA 

We have just received our first review for 'of what we spoke' from FATEA and we are completely overwhelmed by it!! Our album was described as 'impressive and stimulating' and you can read the full review here:


A big thanks to FATEA and David Kidman for his lovely words!!

New album and now New Website! 

So after all the excitement of releasing our debut album 'of what we spoke', we now have a brand new, shiny website! This is now the best place to order the album and look out for upcoming news and events! Hope you like it!

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